Anglers World Pike Of The Month Competition.
Win €100 worth of our renowned Deadbait!
The quality and effectiveness of our deadbait is no secret, our Red Haggis Mackerel now out sells our Super Smelt. We have had many reports, this year in particular, of many specimen pike caught on our bait.
We are running a "Pike Of The Month Competition with the winner getting €100 of deadbait. Winner will be determined by whoever has the most likes at the end of the month.
To enter, send us your photo by facebook message or email and we will publish it on our facebook page.

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The winner's prize will contain the following packs of bait...

Lamprey Sections x 2
Red Haggis Mackerel x 2
Pollan x 2
Pike Pack x 2
Mini Smelt x 2
Herring x 2
Perch x 2
Roach Standard x 2
Roach Small x 2
Mackerel x 2
Mackerel Tails x 1
Large Smelt x 1
Sprat Bulk Pack x 1

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